Executive Coaching

Authentic Leadership requires you to look within

Accurate self perception and insight is one of the core tools of effective leadership, not just in business, but in life.  Executive coaching provides a powerful one-to-one learning environment to help you identify your key strengths, unlock development areas, address blind spots, and build awareness around the impacts of your style on others.

Did you know that companies that actively focus on talent show better results?

  • 40% less turnover of high potentials
  • 17% lower voluntary turnover
  • 26% higher revenue per employee
  • Top sales teams out perform competitors by 250%
  • 156% more likely to develop great leaders
  • Higher engagement scores
  • Have higher stock performance
  • Lower recruitment costs/time to fill

- Bersin, Smart & Menkes

Executive and Leadership coaching is ideal if you are a Manager, Senior Executive or Business Leader on the rise in your career and have passion, drive, a strong focus on success, a commitment to your people, customers, integrity and values.

Coaching is particularly useful if you need development in any of the following areas:

  • You value your people but know you need to do better at people management and developing your talent pool.
  • You may be seen as either too soft, or too aggressive, in your people management style, and need to find new and more effective ways of leading others and delivering results.
  • You may have been effective at a middle management level, but have recently been promoted to a larger role and are struggling to meet your business targets, prioritize effectively, and at the same time manage expectations around you as a leader, particularly upwards and across your organisation.
  • You tend to still micromanage others because you don’t like delegating, but know it’s costing you on many levels.
  • You want to work on your professional brand and ability to effectively influence others.

Discover your leading edge

Your Potential Now believes that exceptional performance in business and in life stems from being self-aware, authentic, and fully aligned in your thinking, actions, values and purpose.   I am committed to helping you find your leading edge and individual leadership style, resulting in fresh perspectives and approaches to people leadership and business solutions.

Just wanted to thank you for all your work with me during this program. This has turned out to be the best course I have ever done. The most amazing revelation was about myself, I got to see how I behave, and that awareness is now constantly with me.

Sue Harding, Executive Manager

I am pleased to give my highest level of recommendation for Janelle Legge’s coaching services. Janelle provides me with practical advice and coaching that improves my day to day performance while confidently guiding my longer term leadership development. A terrific combination of immediate impact and longer term rewards.

Eric Fischer, Structured & Property Finance

Since engaging Janelle as my coach, I have become a far more focused and effective leader. I would recommend Janelle to anyone looking to improve not only business and leadership performance, but also themselves personally.

Peter Steele, Corporate & Commercial Banking

I have found the personal coaching with Janelle the most useful part of the program. There is great rapport, good feedback, and she has given me great tips.

Jane Lynch, Client Services, IT

Janelle is highly skilled and engaging coach who has the ability to lead others to achieve an outcome in a supportive manner, maintaining the critical balance of staying objective whilst having a hands-on understanding of the micro issues.

Peter Chambers, Senior Consultant

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